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TOPIC: Managing and facilitating the hiring process

  • Demonstrate effective team work and conflict resolution skills in class and small group assignments.
  • Describe the various recruiting methods and the factors that influence their use. 
  • Describe the difference between the U.S. (e.g. Affirmative Action) and Canadian methods.

  • Textbook
  • Unit 5 Slide deck (PDF)
  • Slide deck on flashdrive
  • Print copies of the In-Class Assignment (enough for each group)
  • Class list cut up in (metaphorical) hat for random group selection

  • Read Ch. 6 and 7
  • Read two assigned articles for Focusing Activity
  • Download and read In-Class Assignment
  • If have questions about In-Class Assignment, email Instructor before classtime.

  • Focusing Activity - Class Discussion
    What are your thoughts on this week’s assigned readings?
    (See Unit 5 in Moodle)
    See list below (2 articles)
    1. With your neighbours, form groups of 2-4
    2. Discuss the assigned readings
    3. Using the notepaper provided or your own paper, create visual notes of your group discussion
    4. To close this activity, choose a volunteer from your group to take a picture of your Visual Notes and upload it to Unit 5 “Forum to Share Visual Notes from Focusing Activity.”
    2. For more information about visual notetaking, watch the following: –Drawing in class by Rachel Smith at TEDxUFMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tJPeumHNLY

  • Information for the Midterm
  • Lecture - Ch. 6 = Recruitment
  • Lecture - Ch. 7 = Selection
  • Attendance and Group Formation through Random selection

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: In-Class Assignment - Recruitment & Selection Activity (worth 5%)
    - Click here for the .docx version
    - Click here for the .pdf version
    - Assignment due within three days, not including the day of the class.
    - Work in groups of four (4), unless otherwise approved by the instructor
  • Next Steps
    Reminder ...
    1.Complete your group In-Class Assignment and upload it!
    All documentation due in Moodle within 7 days
    2.Getting ready for Unit 6
    See the tip sheets for hints about the Midterm!! See highlighting
    Bring your Student ID
    3.Complete HR Stories in Moodle

  • Banerjee, R. , Reitz, J.G., & Oreopoulos, P.  (2017).  Do large employers treat racial minorities more fairly? A new analysis of Canadian field experiment data.  Toronto, ON:  Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.
  • Islam, N. (2014).  The dilemma of physician shortage and international recruitment in Canada.  International Journal of Health Policy Management, 3 (1): 29-32.