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TOPIC: Managing and facilitating the hiring process

  • Demonstrate effective team work and conflict resolution skills in class and small group assignments.
  • Describe the various recruiting methods and the factors that influence their use. 
  • Describe the difference between the U.S. (e.g. Affirmative Action) and Canadian methods.

  • Textbook
  • Slide deck (PDF)
  • Slide deck on flashdrive
  • Print copies of the In-Class Assignment (enough for each group)
  • Class list cut up in (metaphorical) hat for random group selection

  • Read Ch. 6 and 7
  • Read two assigned articles for Focusing Activity
  • Download and read In-Class Assignment
  • If have questions about In-Class Assignment, email Instructor before classtime.

  • Focusing Activity - Class Discussion
    What are your thoughts on this week’s assigned readings?
    (See Week 5 in Moodle)
    See list below (2 articles)

  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture - Ch. 6 = Recruitment
  • Lecture - Ch. 7 = Selection
  • Attendance and Group Formation through Random selection

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: In-Class Assignment - Recruitment & Selection Activity (worth 5%)
    - Click here for the .docx version
    - Click here for the .pdf version
    - Assignment due within three days, not including the day of the class.
    - Work in groups of four (4), unless otherwise approved by the instructor
  • Next Steps
    Reminder ...
    1.Complete your group In-Class Assignment and upload it!
    All documentation due in Moodle within 3 days
    2.Getting ready for Week 6
    See the tip sheets for hints about the Midterm!! See highlighting
    Bring your Student ID
    3.Complete HR Stories in Moodle

  • Banerjee, R. , Reitz, J.G., & Oreopoulos, P.  (2017).  Do large employers treat racial minorities more fairly? A new analysis of Canadian field experiment data.  Toronto, ON:  Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.
  • Islam, N. (2014).  The dilemma of physician shortage and international recruitment in Canada.  International Journal of Health Policy Management, 3 (1): 29-32.

  • Step #1
    - Share with the group one (1) great interview and a great answer to that question.
    - It is okay if you can't think of one.  I encourage you to do some research in the library and online and then post the link to where you found it.
    - Make sure to check earlier posts so you don't accidentally post something someone has posted.  Make sure yours is original!
  • Step #2
    - Read what your classmates have posted.
    - Post responses to at least two (2) other posts.
    - While you can post several times your suggestions for improving the English usage (grammar, spelling, punctuation) in the original posts by classmates, none of these postings count as your two (2) required.
    - But, secondary posts that suggest improvements to phrasing the question and/or answer will count to your two (2) required posts.
  • Be kind with your suggestions to classmates, please.