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  • Compare reliability and validity issues in performance appraisal in the Canadian and US organizational
  • Prepare an employee handbook for a US or Canadian firm.
  • Recognize the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian and U.S. approaches to Human Resources Management.
  • Compare the Canadian and US strategic Human Resources Management responses to changes in the external the business environment.

  • Textbook
  • Unit 7 slide deck (PDF)
  • Slide deck on flashdrive
  • Large sticky note paper for group activities
  • Dark markers for group activity writing on large sticky notes.
  • Printed copies of the handout, Strategic HRM Theories & Model (PDF)
  • Printed copies of the Answer Key for the Midterm, one per group of 4 students.

  • Review their personal Midterm results, which have been privately and individually emailed to each student.
  • Using the Answer Key available in the Moodle folder for Week 7, compare their Midterm results to identify any trends to modify their learning plans for the second half of the semester.
  • Read Ch. 8
  • Read Ch. 10

  • Lecture - Reliability versus Validity
  • Lecture - Ch. 10 = Performance Management
    Note: Some practitioners in the field and researchers disagree with the textbook author's approach to Performance Management.  For researchers, there are concerns regarding the lack of rigour in the application of empirical evidence and theories to the development and application of Performance Management strategies.
    Students are encouraged to bring their life experiences to share during class. 
    For those who are unfamiliar with these criticisms from practitioners, they can read online articles such as this one: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6371460147327438848
  • Note: Research indicates that creativity and innovation can be easily interrupted when someone with more power presents their ideas first.  Therefore, to be strategic in how this assignment is started, we are flipping the order of the traditional approach to a major assignment.
    Groups will first start envisioning what they want to do for Assignment #2 - New Employee Handbook, and then I will give the lecture on Onboarding and Training.
  • Activity - Group Mind Mapping for Assignment #2 - New Employee Handbook & Trade Show
    Moving into Assignment Groups, students are to use this time to get creative with their ideas of what they could include in their New Employee Handbooks.  Also, what could go on their posters and what multimedia elements they could use in the Trade Show (aka Gallery Walk). 
    The assignment requires 20-30 topics are covered in the New Employee Handbook.  No idea is too zany.  Write it all down because it may inspire a more viable idea to use later.
    Example of the many resources online explaining how to use mind maps to brainstorm:  Conti, G.  (August 30, 2016).  How to Make Mind Maps: Visualize Your Ideas for Better Brainstorming.  https://zapier.com/blog/mind-mapping-tutorial/
  • Lecture - Ch. 8 = Onboarding and Training

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: Researching Workplace Training
    What examples can you find online of workplace training, onboarding, lunch and learns, etc.?
    Form groups of 2 or 3 students and spend a few minutes to search online to find an example of workplace training to present to the class. 
    Alternatively, you can use examples from your own work or volunteer experiences to share with the class.
    Some keywords that may be useful when searching online include the following:
    - Lesson plan
    - Teaching plan
    - Workshop details
    - Classroom activities
    - Lunch and Learn
    - Brown Bag
    - Employee workshop
    - Employee training
    - Community of Practice
    - Reading group
    - Learning community
  • Next Steps
    Reminder to come see me during Coaching Hours (aka Office Hours) if you want to discuss your Midterm further, or for any other questions.  For next week, make sure to prepare for class by reading Chapters 11 & 12.  Also, complete any missing HR Stories in Moodle.

  • In most workplaces, the most common form of ongoing training is the Lunch and Learn event.
  • What are strategies you could use as an HR Advisor to improve the success of such events? 
    Post at least two ideas that could fit under any of these categories.
    - Marketing strategies
    - Strategies to reward attendance
    - Planning strategies