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  • This week, each student needs to post one (1) Lesson Plan for a workplace training event that would last only an hour.  Think a Lunch and Learn!
  • It is not always easy to come up with an idea or figure out how to write that Lesson Plan.  Doing some searching in the library and online is a great strategy and shows you respect the expertise of others.  Please make sure to post where you found your ideas and resources for others to check out.
  • Some keywords that may be useful when searching online to find these example Training Activity or Plan include the following:
    - Lesson plan
    - Teaching plan
    - Workshop details
    - Classroom activities
    - Lunch and Learn
    - Brown Bag
    - Employee workshop
    - Employee training
    - Community of Practice
    - Reading group
    - Learning community
  • Have you chosen to design your own 1-hour lesson plan, but want to give it a different name?  Try this list of alternatives to the Lunch and Learn phrase:  https://allwording.com/lunch-and-learn-alternative-names/