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  • Step #1
    Chose one of the ten Canadian provinces or three territories and research its minimum wage.  Then, research one choice from List #2 to find the minimum wage in that jurisdiction.
  • Step #2
    Post these two pieces of information and the links to the government sources for this information.  (Sorry, no Wikipedia, random sites, or news articles.)
  • Step #3
    Read what your classmates have posted and try to find one posting that surprised you.  Write a post, explaining why the information provided surprised you.  Can be for positive or negative reasons, but still remember to be kind, please.
  • List #2
    - Your home country
    - Another country
    - OR - One of the 50 states or 16 territories in the USA

    Note: There are 9 countries without minimum wage legislation that you will not be able to use in this exercise: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.