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TOPIC: More than liability: Occupational health and safety

  • Compare HR legislation in Canada and the US and the differing effects on managing people.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication in assignments.
  • Compare the Canadian and US strategic HRM responses to changes in the external business environment.
  • Prepare an employee handbook for a US or Canadian firm.
  • Recognize the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian and US approaches to HRM.

  • Textbook
  • Unit 10 slide deck (PDF)
  • slide deck on flashdrive
  • Index cards, enough for 1 per student

  • Read Ch. 14
  • Prepare brief presentation on chosen Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and Regulation

  • Focusing Activity
    The Student Pairs from last week give a brief (less than 5 minute) HR Stories presentation on chosen jurisdictional Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and Regulation - Federal, Provincial, Territorial, Municipal, and Reserve
  • Before class, the student groups and singles need to post their speaking notes in HR Stories #4 Forum in Moodle

  • Ch. 14 = Occupational Health & Safety
  • Activity: Questions about Working Safely and Worker's Compensation Claims & Benefits
    1. Each students receives one blank index card
    2. First, students are asked to write their name on the top of the card.
    3. Next, write either a question about workplace safety and benefits OR an interesting point they learned while reviewing the WorkPlaceBC website (see link below)
    4. Then, cards are collected and redistributed randomly.  And we go around the room, taking turns reading aloud the cards and answering the questions or discussing the points.
  • Video:  The Safety Inspection Process (5:53)

  • Learning Consolidation
    New Employee Handbook check-in
    1.  Students move to work with their groups and works on Assignment #2
    2.  Each group will be ready to present a draft Table of Contents of their New Employee Handbook when the instructor reaches their group.
    3.  The rest of classtime is spent working on the New Employee Handbook, including incorporating elements of occupational health and safety.