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  • Step #1
    Search online for a Collective Agreement that has not been used in class or by a classmate.
  • Step #2
    Examine the various clauses and look for a clause that may be problematic due to how it has been phrased.
    - Maybe it is not clear enough.Maybe it's out of date. 
    - Maybe it uses unusual vocabulary.
    - Maybe there is a grammatical or punctuation error that changes the interpretation.
    - Maybe it inappropriately excludes some employees or population groups
    - Maybe you can find news articles where grievances have become public knowledge because of problems with the clause
    - Maybe you can find information on the union website that further clarifies this clause (which hints to there being problems with its interpretation).
  • Step #3
    In your post, tell us about what you have learned and your thoughts on the problems that might be happening in that workplace.  Make sure to include the following information for others to understand the situation you are describing in your story.
    - Link to the Collective Agreement
    - The workplace and employee group the Collective Agreement was negotiated between
    - Copy and paste the exact phrasing of the clause you are discussing.
    - If relevant, links to news articles
    - If relevant, link to the Union website explaining the clause