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  • Scenario
    Your supervisor has been asked to give a presentation to the company Board about the business practices of the HR department.  Some members on the Board have asked that the presentation include a theories to explain the HR department's approach to various business practices.  Your supervisor has delegated to you to prepare three slides to explain the process of employee separation.
  • Refer back to the reading materials in Week 4.  Choose one (1) theory.  Create three (3) slides to do the following and upload it to the Forum.  The slide deck must be in .pdf or .pptx format for others to access.
  • Introduce the theory and give its definition
    A direct quotation from a resource not provided by the instructor is fine as long as you cite it
  • Describe why the theory applies to HR practices
  • Explain how the theory applies specifically to employee separations
  • After you have posted, I strongly suggest you review your classmates' presentations because it will help you study for your Final Exam!