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TOPIC: Strategic HRM in employee separations

  • Contrast the Canadian and US approaches to the functional areas of strategic HRM.
  • Compare the Canadian and US strategic HRM responses to changes in the external business environment.
  • Differentiate between Human Resource Planning options available in both the US and Canada to balance employee deficits or surpluses.
  • Compare reliability and validity issues in performance appraisal in the Canadian and US organizational context.

  • Textbook
  • Unit 13 slide deck (PDF)
  • Slide deck on flashdrive
  • Printed copies of Information Package for Final Exam
  • Timer

  • Read Ch. 15
  • Read Information Package that has been handed out and prepare questions, if applicable

  • Focusing Activity = Attendance & Distribution of 16-page Information Package for Final Exam

  • Lecture - Ch. 15 = Managing Employee Separation: Turnover, Communication, & Employee Engagement

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity - Final Exam Preparation
    1. First, the Instructor will read out one question.
    2. Next, the classroom remains silent for for 5 minutes to give each student time to think, reflect, and write their initial thoughts down on the space provided in the Information Package for the Final Exam.  The 5 minutes will be timed using the Timer.
    3. Then, the Instructor will proceed to the next question.
    4. This process will repeat itself for all 12 questions. If any students have questions for the Instructor, they are to write it down on their paper and wait until then end.
  • Once all questions have been addressed, the rest of class time will be spent as students see fit to continue prepping for Final Exams