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TOPIC -- Managing the Business Enterprise

  • Describe current managerial roles and functions within the Canadian business environment using library resources.

  • All equipment required for teaching remotely.

  • Examine course eLearn site
    Source: https://onehe.org/eu-activity/i-wish-my-students-teacher-knew/
  • Completing activity in Kahoot

  • Me, on camera
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Seek a volunteer from the group to monitor any students having connectivity issues, either needing admittance or questions in the chat, so I can focus on teaching.

  • "What I wish my Instructor Knew"
    Kahoot activity

  • Take this time to get up and move about, and especially to look away from your computer screen to protect your eye health.

  • I encourage you to think about this course as learning the language of the discipline.
  • I encourage you to use outside resources like Quizlet to support your preferred learning styles.
  • How Mixed Mode will work -- one week in-person by Teams and one week asynchronous in eLearn
  • That leads us then to a lot of the low-stakes assessments for these asynchronous courses. For a lack of a better term, I'm calling them quizzes. I'm using the terminology of testing because they're time limited.
    Let's then go over my extension policy.
  • First big assessment -- Pecha Kucha Presentation
    Note that this is a recorded presentation, so let's look at how to get support for you.
  • Check-in with PearDeck.com
    What are you wondering about?

  • Time to get up and move about. Good time to get something to eat or drink to bring your energy back up.

  • Only one groupwork assessment -- Team Library Research Assignment.
  • Questions now? Like each of you to send me a Chat message through Teams to me right now. 
    It can be either a question or a fun GIF. 
    Messaging me through Chat is the fastest way to communicate with me. It pops up on my personal cellphone like we're texting while keeps your number and my number private.

  • New list

  • New list