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TOPIC: Business Presentations

  • Recognize their own level of oral and non-verbal communication skills and identify the communication strengths and weaknesses in others.
  • Write and deliver a persuasive, organized, well-supported work-related speech using audio visual aids.

  • Course site
  • Resources for Pecha Kucha Presentation

  • Read chosen chapter from the book we are using to structure our business presentations

  • PearDeck
    Write everything you remember from the homework
  • See how tough it is to rely on just memory? This is why taking Study Notes are so important!
  • "5 Active Reading Strategies for University Students in 2020 | BEST WAYS to INCREASE COMPREHENSION"
    6 minutes

1Attention-grabber or hook
2Introduce yourself
3Agenda for presentation
4-8Describing the management problem from your chapter
9-19The advice and solutions to solve the management problem, as identified in the relevant chapter
20References (in APA 7th edition style)
1. The book chapter 
2. Two more sources of any type, like an assigned video from this class, another book, a professional website, etc.

  • Showing students how one can create their presentation from scratch

  • New list

  • Finish and submit the slide deck for the Pecha Kucha Presentation
  • Quiz #4 Practice Using TurnItIn (1%)
  • Quiz #5 Academic Integrity Module (1%)
  • Quiz #6 Tips for Better Business Writing -- LinkedIn Learning (2%)