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TOPIC: The Environment of Business

  • Broad understanding of current managerial roles and functions
  • Recognize, define, and apply decision-making and planning models to business issues discussed in class.
  • Use a collaborative team approach during classroom activities and group assignments
  • Awareness of key elements of successful meetings
  • Awareness of diversity in doing business

  • Read Ch. 2

  • Focusing Activity
    Think-Pair-Share regarding different experiences and knowledge of Business
    To cover as many countries as possible, students from the larger groups (e.g. India and Brazil) will work with partners from other countries.
    In pairs, students will discuss their different experiences of business environments. Also, students will discuss their knowledge of global attitudes about business.
    Then, groups may choose to volunteer to tell the rest of their class what they have discussed regarding personal experiences and global attitudes regarding business.
    The goal of this exercise is to learn the broad range of experiences with business environments as customers, employees, employers, sole proprietors, contractors, etc.

  • Lecture Ch. 2 - The Environment of Business

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-In
    1. With your neighbours, form groups of 2-4
    2. Discuss what was covered in class today
    3. Using the notepaper provided or your own paper, create visual notes of your group discussion 
    4. To close this activity, choose a volunteer from your group to take a picture of your Visual Notes and upload it to Unit 3 “Forum to Share Visual Notes from Class Closure Activity.” 
    2. For more information about visual notetaking, watch the following: –Drawing in class by Rachel Smith at TEDxUFM