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TOPIC: The Terminology and Concepts of Business & Management

  • Describe current managerial roles and functions within the Canadian business environment using library resources
  • Recognize and define decision-making and business planning models for business issues discussed in class.

  • Materials available in eLearn

  • Complete and submit Pecha Kucha Presentation

  • Pear Deck time
    Draw a picture of what it was like to create your Pecha Kucha presentation!

  • Study Guide for Final Exam  -- IN DEVELOPMENT 
    Please note that the Answer-Selected Questions (i.e., multiple choice, true/false, etc.) list of Terminology is still in development
  • Technology Requirements
    - Computer, not a smartphone
    - Internet connection
    - Safe Exam Browser -- downloaded in advance from eLearn
  • Three documents with vocab and worksheets
    - Vocabulary from Univ Melbourne
    - Vocabulary from The Wall Street Journal
    - Workplace Vocabulary Workbook from Government of Canada
  • Kahoot time -- Entrepreneur Vocabulary
    This is an example of the kind of quizzes you can use out there to practice
  • https://quizlet.com/

  • Please make sure to look away from the screen for a while

  • Who wants to volunteer to show their Pecha Kuchas???

  • Quiz #7 Intro to Business Studies -- ebook (2%)
  • Quiz #8 Organizational Structures -- video (2%)