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TOPIC: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and New Venture Creation

  • Broad understanding of current managerial roles and functions
  • Recognize, define, and apply decision-making and planning models to business issues discussed in class

  • Read Ch. 4

  • Focusing Activity
    Watch the following online streaming video.
    Time = 21 minutes
    Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss (2016) by Kanopy Streaming
    Note: Link only works with CapU authentication

  • Lecture = Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and New Venture Creation
  • Lecture = (continued from Unit 5) Presentation Skills for Business
    Source material = Garbis, K.  (2016).  Presentation Skills for Managers, 2nd edition.  New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-In
    Activity - Work on Business Presentation
    Transitioning to the Computer Lab, students will work on their Business Presentation assignment due June 12th.