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TOPIC: Business Models

  • Recognize and define decision-making and business planning models for business issues discussed in class.
  • Work collaboratively within a group of peers to complete assignment tasks, hold successful meetings, and practice teamwork skills.
  • Describe current managerial roles and functions within the Canadian business environment using library resources.

  • LEGO for LEGO Serious Play activity
  • Large poster-sized sheet of the Business Model Canvas for the LEGO Serious Play activity
  • Printed copies of the CX Deck
  • Printed copies of marking business models for students to use individually

  • Annotated Library Research assignment (10%)

  • Kahoot activity = Word Clouds
  • Question #1 What product line did you choose to propose to the CapU Bookstore?
  • Question #2 What product line did you consider, but chose not to do?
  • Question #3 What word best describes your experience of doing the Annotated Bibliography?
  • Question #4 What word would you use to describe the Business Model Canvas?

  • Lecture = More on Team Assignment
  • Business Model Canvas Explained with Examples by EPM on YouTube 

  • Kahoot Quiz = Definitions
    This is to double-check that every student knows the definitions of all 9 major terms: - Key partners
    - Key activities
    - Key resources
    - Value proposition
    - Customer relationships
    - Channels
    - Customer segments
    - Cost structure
    - Revenue stream

  • Make sure to get up and move around!
  • When you come back, I need volunteers to move the tables around so we have 5-6 groupings in the classroom. (Depending on attendance)

  • Separate into groups so that we have 5-6 groups in the room.
    If everyone is here, that would be 5-6 students per group.
  • Using the large poster-sized version of the Business Model Canvas, work as a team to use the LEGO to complete each box. Yes, I've brought my son's LEGO from home. Yes, he's happy to share!
  • For this exercise, each team will use the assigned Product line that is new to all of you.
    Table 1 = Freeze-dried food packages, liked use for camping
    Table 2 = Kits to make a beaded brooch, created by local Indigenous artists
    Table 3 = Woodworking kits with wood for carving a small animal with carving tools and instructions, created by local Indigenous artists
    Table 4 = Exercise kit bag with a skipping rope and exercise band, branded with CapU logo
    Table 5 = Sound therapy kit with a tiny drum and 3 small bells in different tones and booklet, branded with CapU Music Therapy logo
    Table 6 = Clothing patch kit with 6 patches that can be ironed on clothing for decoration or repair, with images designed by CapU grads
  • There are many examples online of how to do this activity, for example https://www.slideshare.net/janalpeeters6105/business-model-canvas-lego-serious-play

  • Make sure to once again get up and move around!
  • When you come back, I need you to return the classroom to its original arrangement. Then, please sit with your group members for the Team part of the Library Research Assignment. Remember, maximum 3 students per Team!

  • Working with your Team of 3 or fewer students, you are now going to work on thinking through your product line more to be better prepared to complete your group's Business Model Canvas.
  • To get everyone in the group thinking along the same lines, we are going to focus particularly on the Value Proposition of the product line you are proposing. To do this, we need to do some Customer Experience design (aka CX).
  • Using the printed copies of the CX Deck, discuss a group what you want your customers to feel, think, and experience when choosing to buy your product. https://www.ridersandelephants.com/the-cx-deck-how-it-works
  • Make sure to take notes during this activity and take pictures at the end of your layout to consult later when working on your Business Model Canvas.
  • *If* your group finishes early, then you can start working on completing your Business Model Canvas.

  • Kahoot = Short Answer Question
  • Question #1 Having now used the Business Model Canvas, why do you think the BC Government recommends to their employees to use it when planning out new programs and services?
  • Question #2 Any last questions about how to complete this homework?

  • Re-read and re-watch any materials in the eLearn course site to complete the Business Model Canvas component of the Team Library Research Assignment.

  • Team Business Model Canvas (10%) (MONDAY Nov. 15th at 9:00a.m.) 


    1. The Business Model Canvas as a Poster
    2. References page with the 10 best sources from your combined annotated bibliographies. If you don't have enough quality sources, you may add new ones. 3. 2-page Reflection Report using the template provided in eLearn.

  • Quiz #9 Business environment -- ebook (2%)
  • Quiz #10  Business models -- ebook (2%)