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I feel it is important to be a reflective practitioner of teaching because there are always ways to refine and improve my teaching for the benefit of my students. 

For more information on reflective practice, I recommend Mark K. Smith's page Reflection, learning and education on the The Encyclopedia of Informal Education:

The following are the student behaviours I have identified that can lead to students not successfully earning the final grade they need to progress in their academic plans. 

Please note that I greatly empathize with what is going on in students' lives. I too have had serious challenges and barrier to educational success, so it is rewarding to me that I have a career that I can pay forward all the support I have received over the years.

After I identify these behaviours, I work to identify and adopt strategies to put supports in place, refine my curriculum, or modify my teaching practice to improve success rates. 

As you may notice, none of these difficulties are intellectual!

Sequentially listed in the order by which I was able to identify these challenges and barriers to student success.