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TOPIC: Introduction to the Course and the Strategic Role of HRM

  • Become oriented to the new course
  • List Summative Assessment tools for the semester
  • Describe pedagogical approaches that will be used in the course
  • Demonstrate respect and value for the diverse viewpoints and experiences in the classroom population
  • Define some key terms and concepts in HRM

  • Textbook
  • Slide deck on a flashdrive
  • Unit 1 slide deck (PDF)
  • Single print copy of Lesson Plan and Slide Deck for reference
  • Paper copies of the Course Outline
  • Paper copies of the Glossary for those without textbooks
  • Assignments for alphabetical listing for Glossary Activity - Cut into sections, ready for groups
  • Paper copies Strategic HRM Theories and Models (PDF)

  • Purchase textbook
  • If possible, bring smartphone to class to set-up Remind.com texting

  • Introduction to the class
  • Introduction to the Course Outline, including policies, grading, plagiarism, etc.
  • Introduction to the Remind.com texting app
  • Discussion of instructor availability and office hours
  • Reviewing the Course Schedule and discussions of how to plan ahead
  • Icebreaker
    Activity: Glossary
    After numbering off into groups of 3, move to sit with new groupmates to receive the alphabetical assignment from the instructor.
    From the assigned alphabetical range in the Glossary (pages ), choose five (5) key terms or concepts that the group thinks are the most important to teach to the class.  Prepare brief speaking notes to use when presenting to the class.  These brief speaking notes may include a rewording of the definition, page references within the textbooks, or a list of synonyms and antonyms.
    Then, nominate a speaker to present to the class what the group has prepared.
    Groups then take turns presenting to the class the five key concepts that they think their classmates should learn to be successful in the course.

  • Lecture - Ch. 1 = Strategic Role of HRM
  • Strategic HRM Theories and Models
  • Introduction to Moodle site

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: Reciprocal Interviewing
    A Think-Pair-Share activity where students get to interview the instructor.  Students pair up with a neighbour to agree on one question they get to ask me. These questions can be about the course, what was covered in class today, or something fun about me as a person.  Then, a representative from each group poses this question.  I reserve the right to postpone or not answer something.
  • Next Steps
    Reminder about reading ahead for the next class.
    Connecting to the Moodle site and retrieving materials available there.

  • Ch. 1 in the textbook
  • Various graphical organizers and information graphics.

HR Stories #1 - Your experience with graphical organizers

A variety of graphical organizers have been uploaded into the LMS folder for Week 1.  Look these images over and see if you recognize any from previous work experiences or previous courses.

Write a brief post in the Forum for Week 1 in the LMS about which graphical organizer you have used and in what context.

The goal here is to teach your classmates about how information can be communicated in ways different from the traditional formal essay.