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TOPIC: Understanding the Canadian Business System

  • Broad understanding of current managerial roles and functions
  • Recognize, define, and apply decision-making and planning models to business issues discussed in class
  • Awareness of diversity in doing business

  • Read Ch. 1

  • Lecture - Ch. 1 = Understanding the Canadian Business System

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: Activity: Tweet-style Exit Slips
    As a way to tell me how today's class went, use one of the provided slips of paper to tell me something I should know. It is like tweeting at me, but offline.  Like tweeting, it allows everyone to share their voice.
    Tweets may include information on what is working or isn't working for you in the course.  It will also tell me what information I may need to include in the LMS (Moodle) or in the next in-person class.
    Formative assessments helps us work as a team together in helping everyone succeed this semester!
    Source: https://www.nbss.ie/sites/default/files/publications/exit-entry_slip_-_comprehension_strategy_handout_copy_2_0.pdf