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TOPIC: Conducting Business Ethically and Responsibly

  • Awareness of ethics in business and practice making ethical choices
  • Use a collaborative team approach during classroom activities and group assignments
  • Successful group work in class and in assignments
  • Increase ability to listen to and analyze other peoples' communication and give useful feedback

  • Read Ch. 3

  • Focusing Activity: Questions about Business Ethics
    1. Each students receives one blank index card
    2. First, students are asked to write their name on the top of the card.
    3. Next, write either a question about business ethics OR an interesting point they want to share about business ethics
    4. Then, cards are collected and redistributed randomly.  And we go around the room, taking turns reading aloud the cards and answering the questions or discussing the points.

  • Lecture Ch. 3 - Conducting Business Ethically and Responsibly

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-In
    Activity:  Paper Slide
    1. Form groups of 2-3
    2. Using spare paper, each group sketches out and write they learned in class today.
    3. Each group representative line up and, one at a time, slide their work under a smartphone camera while quickly summarizing what was learned to make a movie.
    4. The camera doesn't stop recording until each representative has completed his or her summary.
    Source: https://www.edutopia.org/blog/22-powerful-closure-activities-todd-finley